Secret Lairs and Universes Beyond

Secret Lairs and Universes Beyond

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Hey folks, I know this particular write up probably should have come out a week or two ago, but hey I'm getting to it now. One of these days I'll have my writing schedule set up and develop the discipline to keep to that schedule.Some things have come up in the world of Magic, and I feel that I should probably voice my opinion about them. First off, and most importantly, Wizards has stated a month or two back that they are going to be doing "Universes Beyond", crossovers with Magic with many other properties. The first of these is retroactively put into that camp, The Walking Dead, and the next one has been announced to be Stranger Things. When The Walking Dead came up as a Secret Lair I was very much against it for a few reasons, it is available for a very limited time, has restrictive availability globally, shipping is prohibitively expensive, and the cards are mechanically unique so what happens if one of these cards becomes important to an archetype in Legacy, say Humans. Wizards has announced a change to how they are handling the Universes Beyond stuff going forward (though it appears to sadly not include The Walking Dead product in this move), first the product will be available for a full month, reducing limitations based on time, second the countries that are available to be shipped to are being expanded. The big change though is that going forward, any mechanically unique cards from these Secret Lairs will be reprinted approximately six months later as a Magic flavoured card and added to the List. The cards will be overprinted on the list compared to other cards that are there, and will stay there until the desire for them is played out. This isn't good for value on those Secret Lairs, but it does make it so those unique cards don't become an impossible to find necessary piece to your next Vintage deck. By printing them as a Magic flavoured card they are also opening up the possibility that these cards could see reprint in a future set of Magic. We'll never see Rick printed in a Magic set, but maybe we'll get lucky and they'll print a white Thraben Constable with the same stats and abilities... All told this extra availability does fix a lot of the complaints I've had about The Walking Dead Secret Lair, and am hopeful that going forward these cards will be a cool way to show your personality in your deck.Second and far less important, it appears that Wizards has finally found the Secret Lairs that may cause even I to actually shell out and buy them. The All Natural Totally Refreshing Superdrop is pretty impressive. The Superdrop has been active since the 21st of June and will be available until July 23, and includes such hits as a Secret Lair with artwork from the old Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, and if you've never gotten to a dungeon by riding a rollercoaster you are missing out, a Mark Poole series revisiting some classic works by an original artist of Magic, the Phyrexian Praetors Compleat Secret Lair with all 5 Praetors from New Phyrexia with their text written in Phyrexian script, Jin Gitaxias be praised, and two different Secret Lairs covering the Signets, one in allied colours and one in enemy colours, and these are beautiful, but from Dan Frazier that is pretty much expected. I have to admit I thought when they first started doing Secret Lairs that I'd never bother, I'm happy to be proven wrong if I get things I find this cool.Next week we will start talking about Adventures in the Forgotten Realms.Stay WeirdRick Miles


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