Re-entering the Battlefield

by Worlds Away CA

Hey folks,

today we received some exciting news. The suspension of in store Magic in Canada is being lifted on August 6th. It has been a long while since we've gotten to experience the Gathering portion of Magic The Gathering, and this news has been something a lot of us have been waiting for, but it is not without some mixed feelings.

First the really good, we finally get to have people in the store again. For Worlds Away we stopped in store play before it was required to stop as we did not feel it was safe to continue at the time, which means we have not had any play in the store since last November. It'll feel really nice to have our doors open and have players check out our play area that is completely on the main floor these days, no more playing in the basement. As with most stores the lack of in person play has also put a damper on our sales for the past months, so it'll be nice to get back on track with that too.

Like I said above, we stopped in store play earlier than Wizards required because we did not feel it was safe, coming back to events now it is going to take a little time to get so we can all feel completely safe and secure again. I know we're not the only store which is having to weigh out the numbers of how many players can we accommodate safely, as well as what restrictions need to be in place to keep those players safe. The next few months we will be slowly ramping into our new normal world, and over that time we will have the competing concerns of safety and everyone's comfort and the thought that players may want to flock to where ever gives them the fully open normal play quickest. I will always be placing the welfare of my customers, my players, above everything else, and I know that it is possible that could hurt my numbers over the next year, I accept that.

I do ask that players all throughout Canada, as well as throughout the world, please be aware that as your local tournament places are figuring things out there may be caps that you don't think are reasonable, or precautions taken that you don't think are necessary. In both cases I hope that the tournament organizer communicates these things with their players in advance of the event, but more importantly I hope that players are patient. It has been a hell of a year and a half and we want things to come back as quickly as we can bring them safely, we are figuring this out as we go though.

Looking forward to welcoming you back to Worlds Away on August 6th

Stay Weird
Rick Miles
Worlds Away


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